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Places Where to Buy Bibles in India

Bible Society of India
Bible Society of India makes the Holy Word of God available to all people in India, in languages they can understand, at prices they can afford, and in formats they prefer. Products are available in print, Braille, audio, and video.

Christian Books India
Christian Books India is one of the leading Christian publishers and distributors in South Asia. They have Bibles in different languages and versions, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Biblical books, CDs/VCDs/DVD/cassettes, and many more.

Christian Fellowship Church
Christian Fellowship Church has lots of resources in audio, video, books, articles, and any categories like discipleship, leadership, youth, family life, etc. Some need to be purchased at their online store, but most of their resources are available for free.

ChristianStore.in is OM Book’s online store. They sell Bibles, books, music, gifts, and movies. In India, OM Books Retail is operating 29 stores. You can purchase your items through the Internet or you may visit the nearest OM Book store in your place.

Ebay India
Ebay India also sells Bibles and other Christian items/products. Just type the word Bible or New Testament and possibly the language you are interested in- in the search engine and click “Search.”

ELS India
ELS publishes and distributes Bibles and other Christian literary materials in South Asia. They are primarily involved in starting and operating Christian bookstores, wholesale distribution, publishing enterprises and mobile book ministry in cities and towns where there is critical need. Visit their website for more information on what products are available for purchase.

Harvest Mission Publications
Harvest Mission Publications is the largest Christian publishing ministry in Hindi language- the official language of the government of India. They have books in English and Hindi languages. Feel free to visit and shop at their online store for books that would be very useful in the growth and development of one’s spiritual life and of the church’s ministries.

IBL Ministries
India Bible Literatures translates, produces, and distributes Bible in India as a means to advance the Kingdom of God in the country. Aside from Bibles, IBL also distributes Scripture materials and other Christian resources and training including literacy programs, children ministries and seminars and leadership training.

IBL Blog site
This is the official blog site of India Bible Literatures (IBL). Aside from blog articles they publish, they also use their blog site to announce events such as Bible and Book Expo and many more. IBL also has a facebook fan page and everyone is welcome to join their group.

OM India
OM India aims to bring transformation to lives and communities in India by equipping people to share the love of God in word and in action. Their work focuses on spiritually enriching lives, training and equipping pastors, training young people to live effective lives, empowering the underprivileged and oppressed sections of our society, standing for social liberty and human rights, and uplifting women. OM India has Christian bookstores in India. Please contact OM India to find the location of their bookstores throughout India. Their online bookstore is here: http://www.christianstore.in/home.php

REAL India
REAL stands for Rural Evangelism and Adult Literacy; the ministry organization focuses on bringing the Gospel to the people of India. Among their many ministries is their Christian lending library. Through their library REAL is able to circulate Telugu and English Audio and Video cassettes and Christian literature including the Bible. The library is open for pastors, young people, and children in India.

Reach India International
This website offers different resources at their library and Christian bookstore. They have collections in these topics: autobiography, biography, children, counseling, marriage/family/divorce, leadership, novels, religion, teenagers and adults, theology, and world leaders. Bibles are also available at both library and bookstore.

Tamil Christian Shop
You can purchase Bibles and other Christian literatures in Hindu language at Tamil Christian Shop. Other items include: audio CDs, video CDs, DVD, calendar, MP3 , verse boards and many gift items.

World Bible Translation Center – India
World Bible Translation Center India reaches people with the Good News by providing them with easy-to-read Bibles in their own languages. WBTC India has produced translations of the Bible in 13 of India’s major languages and is striving to get the Word into many other languages.

Christian Lending Library
Care2 is a ministry of Pastor P. Joseph from India. He is maintaining a Christian Lending Library to provide other pastors, mission workers, and the lay people sound and doctrinal reading materials (Bibles, commentaries, Christian children’s books, etc) that would be helpful in the growth and development of one’s spiritual life. If you live near Pastor Joseph’s place you are welcome to browse through the books available in the lending library. Please visit the above website link for the address and if you wish to know more information about the library.

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