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Haggai Institute - Training National, Native and Indigenous Missionaries and Evangelists to be Leaders


Haggai Institute was founded in 1969 to equip Asian, African and Latin American Christian leaders - who will train others - to reach their own people for Christ. That's what we mean by "start from within and begin at the top." It is international and interdenominational, a worldwide network of Christian Leaders - men and women, ordained and lay - trained by the best non-Western faculty, using non-Western materials and methods. The training program is headquartered in Singapore, a neutral hub of the developing world. These leaders are trained in advanced evangelistic communications and managerial techniques. They are also trained to pass on these techniques in training sessions which they conduct themselves in their homelands.

Well over 50,000 leaders have now trained with Haggai Institute. On average, every leader trained will pass his or her training on to 100 others. So one training sponsorship funds 101 effective evangelists — a exponential impact for God per dollar donated.

The quality training of influential men and women will take the name of Christ to places where it has never been heard before. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Does Haggai Institute oppose conventional Western missionary methods?

The world is changing. The traditional missionary movement began in 1792 when William Carey challenged European Christians to take the Gospel to all nations. This movement was born during a unique socio-political situation that no longer exists. Western governments were, at that stage, in nearly total control of most of Asia, Africa and Latin America. This is no longer the case. Today millions of people live in countries that either bureaucratically discourage or openly prohibit foreign missionary efforts. Yet we still have the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to evangelize the world. We thank God for the dedication of traditional Western missionaries. But times have changed. It simply isn’t appropriate or effective now to rely on the old approach.

Why is it more effective for nationals to train nationals?

To many people of the East, Christianity is identified as a Western religion. To many, it is a means of cultural imperialism, a way that Westerners have of trying to press Easterners into their own mold. The gospel must be communicated in terms of the prospects’ own cultural environment. We must never change the essence of the gospel; but we must adapt the ways we express it — or it will not be heard.

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