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Reformation in Foreign Missions - book by Bob Finley at Christian Aid

More info on the book is here:
http://www.christianaid.org/about/Publications/ReformationInForeignMissions.aspx It may be bought at these web sites:
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After serving 60 years as a missionary evangelist in many parts of the world, author Bob Finley is convinced that contemporary missionary operations are in "dire need of reformation." In a new book titled Reformation in Foreign Missions, he calls for the withdrawal of all missionaries from industrialized countries who are residing in poorer countries. He maintains that their presence is generally counterproductive because it tends to identify the gospel of Christ with foreign governments or alien cultures. He added that the foreigners appear to be much richer than the people with whom they are working. Finley said their presence only "breeds covetousness and undermines the will of local Christians to be self-sufficient." He also cautioned against mission boards competing with each other and hiring workers away from indigenous missions. While paying high tribute to the pioneers of the past, Finley says a new day has come, and traditional operations should be discontinued. He said that indigenous missionaries are doing 90 percent of the work with less than 10 percent of the total funds given to missions worldwide. He urges believers in wealthier countries to increase giving to the more than 300,000 native missionaries who often serve with almost no financial support. (Christian Aid Mission) you can read it online with google books

go to http://books.google.com/
and type Reformation in Foreign Missions in the search box

Author Profile
For three years, 1945-47, Bob Finley toured the U.S. and Canada as an evangelist with InterVarsity Fellowship and Youth for Christ. In 1948 he went to China as a representative of both organizations. When Communists forced missionaries to leave China, he went on to Korea, but there also, in 1950, the Communists caused missionaries to evacuate. Still burning with zeal for missionary evangelism, Bob Finley went on to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and India. In each country he observed that native missionaries were ten to one more effective in reaching their people than were missionaries from foreign countries. He also discovered that the most capable indigenous ministry leaders had been abroad as foreign students. So he returned to the USA, and in 1953 he started International Students, Inc. (ISI), to reach overseas students for Christ. With headquarters in Colorado Springs, ISI is now active in every educational center in the USA. Also in 1953, Bob Finley founded Christian Aid to send financial help to indigenous evangelistic ministries all over the world. With headquarters in Charlottesville,Virginia, this mission sends financial assistance to over 700 native missions that deploy 90,000 missionaries, many in closed lands where American missionaries are not allowed to go.

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