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Water Purification with Berkey Water Filters and Biosand Water Filters

I am listing two different options for water purification. These are good choices if you are a missionary and need clean water in a country without purified water. I think both options run without electricity. It is also a good option if you want to give the gift of clean water to someone who lives in a place without purified water. Below are two options on water purification. They are the Berkey water filters and the Biosand water filters.

Berkey Water Filter distributors
BigBerkey Water Filters http://www.bigberkeywaterfilters.com/
Berkey Water Filter Store http://www.berkeywaterfilterstore.com/
Berkey Shop http://berkeyshop.com/
Berkey Water http://berkeywaterstore.org/?ap_id=gaultmarketing
Here are several websites where you can purchase the Berkey Filter. Berkey Filters are easy, affordable, and long-lasting. They have Berkey products that can be used indoors and/or outdoors such as camping, hiking, fishing, biking or boating.

Berkey Water Filters
This is the official website of Berkey Filters, one of the leading manufacturers of safe and convenient water purifiers. Technical specifications regarding the water purifier you’ve been eyeing to buy are indicated at Berkey Filters. You can also view all models they are selling.

Berkey Water Filters Reviewed
This website is dedicated to providing reviews and information about the different models of Berkey Water Filter. Their online store is http://berkeywaterstore.org/?ap_id=gaultmarketing.

Berkey Water Filter videos
Watch video clips about the Berkey Water Filter at youtube.com. You can either click at the above links or go to youtube.com and type Berkey Water Filter in the search engine.

This website presents facts and information; offering the most comprehensive and informative web resource on bio-sand filter technology, including the latest updates on academic research. They also have a discussion group where practitioners can meet colleagues implementing similar projects in other countries.

BioSand Filter
BioSand Filter is a technological adaptation of the slow sand filtration process that has been implemented centuries ago. BioSand Filter is excellent for use in rural areas were naturally safe water or treated water sources are not available. Aside from its proven effectiveness, it is simple to assemble and inexpensive.

Gospel for Asia
Read an article on this page about how a Gospel for Asia women’s team brought the message of salvation and life to a rural community by using BioSand Water Filters and Jesus Wells. BioSand Water Filter is one of the projects of Gospel for Asia and their tool in spreading the Good News of salvation. You, too, can be part of this amazing ministry. Visit their website to know how.

How Bio Sand filter works
Here are short video clips that explain how a biosand filter works and filters microorganism that can cause death to many people, particularly those living in rural areas where clean water is not available.

Hydraid Bio Sand
Hydraid Bio Sand is a simple water filter manufactured by Cascade Engineering and distributed by Triple Quest. Hydraid Bio Sand filter combats the leading causes of death and disease in the developing world by reducing parasites, bacteria and viruses found in contaminated water. Their filter is lightweight, no moving parts and does not need electricity.

Other biosand filter videos
Watch different videos about biosand at youtube.com. Click at the above links to take you to the biosand videos, or go to youtube.com and type the keyword “biosand” in the search engine.

Samaritan's Purse Canada
One of the projects of Samaritan’s Purse Canada is to raise funds to purchase BioSand Water Filters to help save lives, restore health, enable parents to work more and their children to study more, and generally improve the quality of life of those living in rural areas in poor countries. You can be part of their project through your prayers and generous giving.

Turning Wine into Clean Water? An Invitation to Explore the Possibilities
This is an article issued in the July/August edition of Frontiers. The article is about a new strategy for eradicating water-borne diseases worldwide. It introduces the Sawyer and Berkey water purifiers, filters that are highly recommended by the Church Planting Movement.

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